Our environment is regulated by local, state and federal agencies to ensure sensitive wildlife is protected.  In California development requires compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). A comprehensive environmental review and approval is necessary before any entitlements are issued. The entitlement process requires public review and scrutiny.  The local community becomes involved in the process through public hearings which if not managed carefully and with political sensitivity can have negative consequences.  We have the necessary political skills and long established relationships with local, state and federal agencies to effectively solve obstacles that are thrust in the way of the approval process.

Local, State, and Federal Regulatory Agency permits are extremely difficult to obtain.  Maintaining the life of these permits is critical to ensuring the security of your real estate assets.  The loss of just one key entitlement can result in the loss of the ability to continue with the project development. Maintaining the integrity of the permits is only half of the equation. Ensuring that all permit Conditions of Approval are complied with is crucial because many agencies will issue Notices of Violation which can lead to costly fines. We have the established relationships and knowledge and understanding  to guide you through the myriad of regulatory agencies’ rules, regulations & laws to maintain the life of your permits.