“Our value is in our unique blend of special insight and broad range of abilities:  Maintain existing entitlements, coordinate the entire approval process for new entitlements; value engineering of the work product of the consulting Team to ensure the design is consistent with the developer’s vision, budget, and long term development goals; community outreach to gain vital project support; long established relationships with all levels of state, federal, county and local government; technical expertise, and political sensitivity; proven  leadership skills to effectively and professionally coordinate the work product by the consulting Team; expert negotiating skills with all levels of government and consultants that enables us to provide crucial entitlement strategies throughout the approval process. ”


Why Choose Us?       FAQs


A. Choose Us because we have the political & community sensitivity to guide your projects through difficult communities and discretionary permits. Because of our proven track record of obtaining all necessary local, State, and Federal agencies’ approvals and permits, we are experts at acquiring, use activating and maintaining compliance of all of your development’s entitlements.  


Q. What differentiates Entitlement Strategies Group from my current consulting team?

A.  Unlike most highly specialized consultants we have the global entitlement, regulatory agency, technical and  political expertise, insight and experience that brings the “Crow’s Nest View” to the development project.  We look out for that proverbial iceberg and maneuver around it.












We forecast fatal flaws others may overlook or not understand. We work closely with your legal counsel throughout the entitlement process. We provide entitlement strategies critical to successful entitlement & project development. We mentor your millennial PMs thus fast tracking their growth to excellence.


Q. What services does ESG provide that my consultants do not?

A. We have succeeded where others have failed.  We have the technical, political and municipal understanding and established relationships with environmental regulatory agencies and all levels of governing municipalities that are necessary to get your project approved.  Our broad range of abilities covering the full spectrum of development, i.e., Accounting, Architectural Design, Construction, Entitlement, Finance, Legal, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, and Political & Community Sensitivity enables us to view the entire development as a natural extension of your in-house development team.


Q. Can you assist me if I am a manager?

A. Yes we can! We assist you in managing the project consulting team, review and value engineering of their work product prior to submittal and handle the permit processing. We conceptually plan, facilitate, manage, procure, advise, oversee, coordinate, lobby, negotiate, value engineer, and so much more...  


Q. Why should I involve ESG in project Feasibility/Land Acquisition Due Diligence, & Entitlement?

A. You make your money on the Buy! We can help you with research & analysis and your decision making process and minimize your risk in entering into a bad deal. We have saved our clients millions of dollars thru successful negotiations of all Conditions of Approval, Regulatory Agency Permits, and Value Engineering of the infrastructure and architecture.