Our Team of Professional alliances are innovative with 21st Century vision. Throughout our careers we have worked with Local, State and Federal Regulatory Agencies on an ongoing basis.   

With our collective experience, technical expertise, and long established relationships with offices of the State, Federal and local elected officials and staff, we have the ability to achieve even the most complex projects. We facilitate, coordinate, manage, negotiate and analyze all entitlement conditions of approval and EIR mitigation measures from the Collective Regulatory Agencies throughout the entitlement process, through site development and project completion while maintaining the necessary objectivity, achieving mutually beneficial results.
Our Portfolio's Highlights

Because of our combined leadership and hands on project experience and expertise in both the public and private sectors we can assist and represent our Clients in all aspects of the land acquisition, land entitlement & development process.
Toby Waxman, has over 30 years experience in public and private sector land development, negotiating, obtaining, managing and maintaining entitlements and regulatory agency permits, and collaboration with all consulting disciplines.  In addition, as a past Vice President of Government Affairs for the Los Angeles & Ventura Chapter of the Building Industry Association, Ms. Waxman has sat on numerous State of California and County public agency committees in working to streamline and formulate new policies and procedures such as the County of Los Angeles Land Development Advisory Committee, City of Los Angeles Regional Planning Commission Committee on Alternatives to a Certificate of Residential Compliance, County of Los Angeles Fire Department Committee for Fuel Modification Plan Guidelines, State of California Regional Water Quality Control Board Committee for Drafting of the  County of Los Angeles General Permit.  

Justin Alvarez, Esq. a seasoned real estate attorney, provides real estate documents suited to the transaction’s needs, whether buying raw land or developed, and whether the price tag is $300,000 or $30 million.  Unfortunately, many real estate transactions also involve negotiating with the other party when surprises come up while under contract.  In such circumstances, he identifies the key issues to the dispute and develops quick and thoughtful solutions to work around the problems and bring the transaction to a quick and satisfactory close.  
Ronald Druschen, Principle Pacific West has an extensive portfolio of notable development projects, and brings over 30 years land planning and development experience and expertise to the Group.  
Together Ms. Waxman and Mr. Druschen exemplify some of the industry’s most extensive technical, political & governmental affairs expertise. Because we have sat on both sides of the table we provide valuable insight to our Clients in understanding the issues and concerns of both sides in formulating strategies to: (a) respond to the Regulatory Agencies and municipalities concerns, (b) achieve the desired goals and objectives of our Client and obtain and secure the necessary entitlements, approvals and permits, (c) assemble and coordinate the entire project Consulting Team and review their work product, and (d) manage the entitlement, development permit, and EIR Mitigation Monitoring Plan conditions of approval  through to project completion.
With our leadership experience and politically sensitive approach we believe we are the most uniquely qualified to assist you with all of your land use & land development consulting needs.