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For the Developer: Your future bonding capacity depends on how well the bonds are maintained and exonerated as quickly as possible following completion of the bonded improvements.  Your profits can be affected if there are Letters of Credit that are held by your Surety Companies for bonds that have been issued.  Your liability is at risk through indemnities and personal guaranties that were provided to your Sureties. Your bond premiums continue until the bonds are exonerated.  You need the bonds exonerated and reduced as quickly as possible.

For the Surety: Your risk is in foreclosure by the beneficiary of the bond should the developer default on the  bond.  Your liability is the gross amount of the bond.  You need the bonds exonerated as quickly as possible.

Our Services:
Portfolio Management
With 21 years of Improvement Bond Portfolio management we provide complete Bond Portfolio management services.  We handle all municipality and agency negotiations for acceptance of all bonded improvements and exoneration of improvement and completion bonds; property ownership transfer bond substitution.  We provide strategies for reductions for partially completed improvements and replacement of improvement bonds by successors in interest through land sales and or foreclosures.   

Improvement Monitoring
ESG has the necessary construction, technical, & business management expertise and experience to effectively oversee construction of the bonded improvements, negotiate the acceptance of the improvements by the municipality/agency, and obtain improvement bond exoneration of the improvement and completion bonds as quickly as possible.  

Bond Portfolio Tracking & Reporting:
1.  Total bond commitment, Letters of Credit
2.  Bi-Weekly, Quarterly, and Annual Status Reports
3.  Construction status, activities and progress in exonerating and reducing the bonds and letters of credit as effectively, thoroughly and quickly as possible.  

Final Map Bonded Improvement Coordination
In addition to tracking the bonds, we also provide extensive coordination for our developer clients as a part of our final map processing services.  We provide the bonded improvements cost estimates, coordinate with the developer and their surety for issuance of the improvement bonds and acceptance of the bonds by the municipality prior to approval of the final map for recordation.  We also coordinate with HOA management companies and DRE for posting of bonds and exoneration of bonds posted for securing ensuring payment of HOA Dues, construction of common area improvements and maintenance  of common area improvements and facilities.