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If you manage the State of California Bureau of Real Estate (BRE), formerly Dept. Of Real Estate (DRE) Process “In-House” ask yourself these questions:

“When was the last time you had an error free filing?”

“When was the last time you had Notices of Deficiency for incomplete filings?”

“Do you have separate entities handling various aspects of the BRE processing, e.g., Title Company, Attorneys, Engineers, Accountants, Budget Preparers, Expediters...?”

“How long are the delays these issues caused in your advertising, sales and project development?”

Do you find yourself constantly being asking “Where is the White Report?!”  “Why is it taking so long?!”

Sound Familiar?  Then you need ESG to handle your BRE work!
With 15 years experience in management of the entire State of California Bureau of Real Estate (BRE) process for issuance of Preliminary, Conditional and Final Subdivision Reports and formation of Homeowners Associations, ESG has the necessary development experience and insight to recommend economical BRE Development Phasing, HOA operating budgets, and timely issuance of all necessary BRE Public Reports. We manage the entire process for our developer Clients.


BRE Phasing & Mapping
Determine BRE Phasing of the project that is cost effective from a development perspective. Create the BRE Phasing Maps and Schedule for issuance of the Subdivision Reports in accordance with the Developer/Builder’s needs.

Master Management Documents
Oversee the creation of all Master Management Documents and preparation of CC&R’s, Notices of Annexation and all other documents required by the Bureau of Real Estate.

HOA Operating Budget
Prepare the HOA Operating Budget for the project based on the improvement plans, condominium plans, landscape plans, etc., and all other information pertinent to the operating cost of the improvements that will eventually be maintained by the HOA.

BRE Processing
Compilation and filing of the entire BRE Submittal Package.  As the Single Responsible Party (SRP) for the Developer/Builder, ESG manages the entire filing and processing with BRE for the Developer/Builder through to HOA Budget Approval and Subdivision Report issuance.

Subdivision Report Scheduling & Tracking
ESG creates a comprehensive BRE schedule in conjunction with the Builder’s Sales schedules and manages the BRE Report schedules, tracking of the individual BRE Phase Subdivision Reports and makes sure the Developer/Builder has the appropriate Reports required for advertising, marketing and new home sales and closings.

Homeowners Association  (HOA) Formation
ESG mangages the entire process to form the Homeowners’ Association, Secretary of State Filing, creation of appropriate CC&Rs, Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, Notices of Annexation, etc., and works with the Developer/Builder as the “Declarent” throughout development.
The Developers’ Resource for managing the entire Bureau of Real Estate (BRE) Subdivision process for the Developer: