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“Just as the Eagle soars above the storm, ESG soars above the issues

strategically charting the course to exceptional development.”






21st Century Visionaries; utilizing current technology and resources in all of our consulting services. Our entitlement team has successfully managed several billion dollars of land development projects at any given time. With over 30 years of land development experience we exemplify some of the industry’s most extensive technical, political & governmental affairs expertise.  



Our diverse services range from land acquisition due diligence, through land entitlement, land development, and finally improvement bond portfolio management & bond exoneration; specializing in regulatory agency permit negotiation, procurement and compliance.  We facilitate, manage, procure, advise, analyze, oversee, coordinate, lobby, negotiate, value engineer, and so much more ...


Considered by our Clients as the development experts you have always wanted but couldn’t find in any one consultant.  





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